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Kijoma to invest £70,000+ in system upgrades
on: Wed 14 of May, 2014 [08:42 UTC]  (64310 reads)
Kijoma has been providing its Super Fast Broadband service since 2005.
Since then, technology has evolved considerably providing higher capacities and performance at each step change.

Our West Sussex Network infrastructrure as a result, has been replaced at least twice since 2005! This has been a programme of continuous investment in order to ensure Kijoma provides the best service possible.

Now it is time to once again upgrade our systems to the next level. This time we will need to change all customer client Aerials which still use the older technology, as well as the Infrastructure and system equipment.

Click "read more" for further details.
New coverage in 2014
on: Wed 29 of Jan, 2014 [09:14 UTC]  (64586 reads)
Many of Kijoma's planned coverage expansion projects for 2014 are currently on hold until more information on where the state funded BT roll out will occur. We are advised this information will be known around March - April time.

This decision has been taken here as competing commercially with a state funded competitor would be a foolish move, especially as the conditions of this funding completely prejudice genuine independently provided services such as those provided by Kijoma.

However, we have added one area of coverage to our Superfast and reliable Broadband Network in Staffordshire.

The area of Needwood is now enabled for Kijoma's Superfast service and our coverage map on the area websites, including will be updated soon to reflect this.
2013 - A Summary
on: Wed 29 of Jan, 2014 [08:43 UTC]  (62709 reads)
The Kijoma Broadband team were extremely busy during 2013, so much so that the website became rather neglected.

To make up for this, here is a summary of last years Milestones :-

Early 2013 saw the success of the mammoth task of changing our peering arrangement on our largest Networks. This Network now directly peers with Level3, one of the largest and most well connected Tier 1 providers in the world ( via one of their PoP's (Points of Presence) in Sussex.

This change was partly due to ongoing performance issues with our former supplier, but mainly due to our drive for greater quality and lower latency connectivity to the worlds Internet.

Demand for our service continued to rise during the year and we continued to focus installation effort on the areas with the greatest demand first. This decision was made due to the sheer volume of orders from all over our coverage areas. We had to maximise the time spent installing our service compared to travelling to/from locations.

The Network installed in 2012 covering parts of Staffordshire and Derbyshire grew in 2013 and now serves 100's of customers in the area with Superfast Broadband, including 2 major Schools, 2 Pubs, a College and three Business Parks.

Kijoma continue to monitor the political situation with respect to Broadband, noting that one commercial provider, BT, has ended up with all the tax payers money as part of the "competitive" government BDUK process. Where this money, all £1.2Bn of it will be spent, is currently "secret".

This causes a lot of uncertainty for all other genuine commercial providers such as Kijoma when it comes to deciding where to place additional long term investment of their own.

Services provided by Kijoma and others are currently not recognised, consequently this state funding can be used to over build our Networks coverage areas.

This will affect our 2014 expansion and upgrade program until more detail is known about where the money is to be spent. Existing customers and Networks are unaffected.
NEW! Super Fast Kijoma network goes Live in Staffordshire
on: Sun 05 of Aug, 2012 [13:02 UTC]  (77209 reads)
The Parish of Tatenhill, encompassing Rangemore, Needwood, Callingwood areas are now part of the 'Super Fast' Broadband generation.

While up to 38 Mbps "Super Fast" Fibre Broadband is being gradually rolled out in nearby Burton on Trent, residents and businesses in these rural areas now have the option of an actual 40 Mbps service starting at a mere £13.99 a month.

For more info, visit . If you live in the area then please order soon to take advantage of the reduced install rate currently available, it cannot last forever.
Broadband Extreme now even faster.
on: Sun 19 of Feb, 2012 [22:34 UTC]  (78259 reads)
Kijoma's premium high speed service of Broadband Extreme now has a 30 Mbps download speed , an increase from its former 24 Mbps.
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